Stalking Protection Order

A civil court order that can be applied for by the Police in Magistrates Court to prevent the stalking behaviours. A breach is a criminal offence.

When somebody needs immediate protection from a stalker, the Police can apply for a Stalking Protection order. The order is an injunction that tells the other person things they must not do. If they ignore the order and do one of the things that are prohibited (not allowed) this is called a breach, it is a criminal offence to breach a Stalking Protection Order and the police can arrest them. They could face time in jail.

The Police can apply for an interim or full order. Orders can be used when there isn’t enough evidence to start criminal proceedings which require a higher standard of evidence.

Stalking Protection Orders can also be used if someone has been charged with a stalking offence and criminal proceedings are ongoing. They should not be used instead of completing a full and thorough investigation.

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