Non-Molestation Orders

A civil court order preventing someone from contacting you or coming near you. A breach is a criminal offence.

When somebody needs immediate protection from a partner, ex-partner or family member they can make an application for a court order called a non-molestation order. A non-molestation order is an injunction that tells the other person things they must not do. If they ignore the order and do one of the things that are prohibited (not allowed) it is a criminal offence and the police can arrest them. This is called a breach. They could face time in jail.

Typically, an order will prevent an ex-partner from:

  • Being violent towards you or your children;
  • Threatening violence towards you or your children;
  • Communicating with you or your children (except perhaps through lawyers or a specific method);
  • Harassing you or your children by going to certain places (i.e – your house, workplace or school).

For more information about non-molestation orders and how to get them, download our Info Sheet.

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