Understanding the family court

As the leading specialist domestic abuse service in the region, IDAS have created this website to help you understand how the Family Court works and what can be done to keep you and your children safe.

Children standing in front of a courthouse

Who is this website for?

The site is aimed at people who are, or have been, controlled or afraid of their partner or a family member and may have experienced domestic abuse.

No-one should have to suffer domestic abuse. The Family Court often deal with cases where one person is frightened due to controlling behaviour, violence or harassment and want protection, or where a person involved in a case is frightened of coming to court or of having to see the other person. Often people attending court are trying to keep themselves and their children safe from domestic abuse. Judges and court staff are all familiar with dealing with people in these scenarios and are usually very helpful.

Domestic abuse is a factor in over 60% of cases heard in Family Court involving child contact.


Protective orders

Court orders to protect you and your children in cases of domestic abuse.

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Child contact arrangements

Where a child should live and how much time they should spend there.

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Going to court

What to expect, how to prepare and how to keep safe.

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Legal support

Finding a solicitor who can help

If you are going to court for an order to protect you or if you are attending court for child contact arrangements it may help to have the support of a solicitor. Search for solicitors who offer free services in your area.

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