How the court keep you safe

Courts are busy places, but safety and security are high priorities. With enough notice, court staff will usually be very helpful and make arrangements so that you feel safe and able to give your side of the story in court. The court call these Special Measures.

There are many ways to let the court know that you would like some support to feel safe. The best way is to call the court and talk to the staff. It is best to do this well before your court date. If you have a solicitor or support worker, you can ask them to do this on your behalf. You can also ask for support on court forms, including form C1A. You can also use form C2 if the case is about children or form FP1

Here are some of the ways that the court can help you to feel safe:

Watch our video about special measures

Watch the Rights Of Women video about special measures

All courts have security staff to keep everyone safe. When you arrive, you will have to pass through security on your way into the court building. This is nothing to worry about. They will check your bags and scan you for any weapons. If you are carrying a drink, they may ask you to drink from it, a bit like airport security.

If you do feel intimidated or are concerned for your safety then notify a member of court staff, security, CAFCASS or the Judge.

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