Planning Together for Children

If an application has been made to the court to decide the arrangements for your child, Cafcass may suggest that you and your co-parent complete the ‘Planning Together for Children’ programme.

If your case goes to court, the court may make an order to direct you to attend the ‘Planning Together or Children’ programme. Cafcass may advise the court that this would be suitable for you and your co-parent. If the court order you to attend, you must attend.

Planning Together for Children is led by Action for Children who are working with partner organisations to deliver the programme. The aim of this programme is to assist co-parents with deciding the arrangements for their children. The programme is a combination of e-learning and group workshops and includes the formation of a parenting plan.

If you have experienced domestic abuse, including controlling or coercive behaviour, the Planning Together for Children programme may not be appropriate for you. You can talk to a Cafcass Family Court Advisor about this if you have any concerns. The programme is not suitable if there are safeguarding concerns.

Further information is available on the Cafcass and Action for Children website.

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