Application to court to settle issues over child contact

If it is necessary for the court to decide on child contact arrangements, you will either need to make an application, or you will be notified of a hearing if the other person has made the application.

If you and your ex-partner disagree about child contact arrangements, the Family Court can decide what is in the best interest of the child.

It is best to let the court know as early as possible if domestic abuse has been a factor and could impact the Judge’s decision on safe child contact.

Asking the Family Court to decide

If you would like the court to decide about contact arrangements for your children, you need to complete form (C100).

Responding to a hearing notification

If you have received notification of a hearing which has been arranged to resolve issues over child contact, you should receive a copy of the application (form C100). You can respond to this using form C7.

Letting the court know about domestic abuse

To let the court know that there has been domestic abuse, complete form C1A. You can also use this form to ask for separate waiting rooms, entrances or screens to help you feel safer when you attend court. The court calls these Special Measures.

Watch a video about Special Measures to help keep you safe

Keeping you contact details secret

If you need to keep your contact details secret, you should complete form C8.

There is usually a fee for making an application, however you may be able to get help with fees. You can find out more information about court fees on the government website.

Step 3: Planning together for children